Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Shershah Nawabi

Finally the first day of parliamentary elections in Afghanistan ended 8 Pm of Saturday night in 32 provinces of Afghanistan. Haroon Chakhansori presidential palace spokesman told media in a press conference that from 4901 voting centers in 32 provinces at least 4530 centers were open for voters. Mr. Chakhansori also added that at least 371 voting centers were closed due to technical and security issues and only in Kabul 45 centers were closed for the voters. He also highlighted: “tomorrow elections would be held in the 371 voting centers in 32 provinces and also the voters can go to the 45 closed ballet centers of Kabul.”

Mr. Chakhansori also emphasized that the government and Independent election commission of Afghanistan are willing to provide transparency in the elections to prevent the fraud, he urged the observers and media to report immediately fraud cases to the authorized institutions as they found any kind of scam. Presidential palace spokesman also added that if any security official would be caught in interference in election process they would be introduced to the judiciary system in the country. He also added that the election process will take place tomorrow and for that reason Afghan government has announced holiday for Sunday.

Meanwhile, the country security officials claimed 20. October elections successful and they highlighted that Afghan security forces are prepared for providing security assistance for tomorrow also, and they will secure 371 voting centers which were closed in the first day of elections in 32 provinces of the country. Although interior ministry officials have announced that Security forces were able to arrest 44 people who were involved in fraud cases.

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