Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

Haroon Kaliwal, deputy chairman of the Kandahar election commission, said that two candidates for the House of Representatives were tortured by Atta Allah Atta, brother of Hamdullah Nazuk and Seyed Jamal Agha.

Mr. Kaliwal has claimed that “two of them have concealed their votes in a room after torture, dressed her and recorded a video of her nudity.”

Contender Hamadullah Nazek, a candidate in the Kandahar parliament, dismisses the allegation that a riot against their team is under way. According to him, they are among the leading candidates, Kandahar, and do not need such an operation

The chairman of the Kandahar election commission has also asked to investigate this by sending a letter to the Independent Election Commission, the Electoral Complaints Commission, the provincial police and the NDS.

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