Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

The General Attorney Office, once again call on General Habib Ahmadzai with publication of a newsletter that he should provide all his documents and proves in accordance with the claims on the presidency of the Country, according to this institution with all efforts, the agency was not able to receive the evidence which was expected to be released by General Habib Ahmadzai, a former presidential advisor for security affairs. The Attorney Generals newsletter adds: “Although we have asked Mr. Ahmadzai for further evidence in a letter from the investigative body, he still has not filed these documents and proves with the Attorney General’s Office. In addition, Ahmadzai, in contrast to his commitments to the delegation, interviewed the media that such statements not only did not help to investigate the case, but also increase the concerns of the people. ”

The prosecutor’s office said in a recent report that the agency’s recent efforts in recent years have shown that appeals to the case are being made in the light of the provisions of the law. The agency’s newsletter continues: “The administration once again calls on Mr. Ahmadzai to be responsible for his speeches and statements and to provide all his documents, evidence and proves in the shortest possible time to the research team. Mr. Ahmadzai will be able to provide all his documents to prosecutors with all his documents, evidence and proves in front of the media and his lawyer, and if individuals and individuals are suspected in this regard, they will also be made to decide. ”

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, if Mr. Ahmadzai refuses to provide documents, the Attorney General’s Office is required to make his next decision in accordance with the provisions of applicable law in order to complete the investigation at a specified legal and legal time.

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