Reporter: Emran Khorasani

The first vice president of the country, who has been facing various types of imprisonment and allegations for a long time, has now begun to form a new electoral ballot. Now he is looking for new election ballet. General Abdul Rashid Dostum emphasizes the rule of law after the release of “Nizam al-Din Qaisari”, He will continue to his political struggles. General Dostum has said: “This time, in the elections of 2019, I will support the candidate’s nomination, whose first vice president will be from the Turkmen ethnic of Afghanistan.” First Vice President of the country has emphasized that he has spoken with several potential candidates. He emphasized that the election will be accompanied by a million supporters to the election campaign.

This is despite the fact that the deputy prime minister’s mistreatment is still being prosecuted by Ahmad Eshchi of the Jawzjan elders at the General Prosecutor’s Office. It should be said that he returned to Afghanistan after the arrest of Nizam al-Din Qaisari and one and a half years of exile in Turkey.

Nizam al-Din Qaisari, former police chief of Faryab district and one of the anti-Talabani figures arrested six months ago by the National Security Forces, was released yesterday.



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