Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Afghanistan First vice president Abdul Rashid Dostum, who is now in his home town of Sheberghan, has announced that after 22 may he will resign from his position as first vice president of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Mr. Dostum has told the media that he does not need to remain in this position after the end of his term of work, and it is necessary for the Government to follow the constitution of the country to take this matter seriously in accordance with the law.

These statements are expressed by the First vice president of the country in a time that General Abdul Rashid Dostum earlier experienced tensions with the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during the work term of National Unity Government. In addition, Rashid Dostum was sentenced to two years and several months of deportation to Turkey in charges of the rape case of Ahmed Ischia. Mr. Dostum is now joining Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the National Unity government electoral team, and is trying to co-operate with Mr. Abdullah this time in the presidential election.

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