Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

General Abdul Raziq, commander of Kandahar police, said that he is interested in Afghanistan’s national interest and that the support of neighboring countries should be cut off to achieve national interests. “Everyone who supports the countries of the region and the neighbors does not matter to me,” Mr. Raziq said: “For me national interests of Afghanistan the most important Issue, neighboring countries were those who destroyed the 100-year-old system of Afghanistan, and those who support them get money from neighbors. ”

This general of interior ministry continues to warn that Iran and Pakistan should stop taking intervention in Afghanistan. “We do not want the help of neighbors that undermine our stability and security, it is important for us that they do not harm and let Afghanistan achieve progress and development,” he adds.

Mr. Raziq is considered to be anti-neighbor figures who have always criticized their interventions and support for some rivals from Iran and Pakistan. In addition, he has repeatedly been involved in so many clashes with Pakistani troops.

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