Kabul Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Mahdi Nayibi

Kandahar Police Chief Gen. Tadin Khan says that he has ordered all government forces in the province to do not show any mercy on the Taliban during their fight in the battlefields, because the Taliban are slaves and they do not need to take the slaves to work in this group, he stresses the security forces in Kandahar will panic over the Taliban and turn the province into a cemetery for this group. ”

The Kandahar police commander also says that the security forces will increase their pressures on Taliban in the battlefields after this, and now the conflict between the Taliban and the government forces is intensifying in six districts of Kandahar. This is while the Taliban have suffered heavy casualties in these districts. In addition, Mr. Tadin says the Taliban will soon be destroyed and pushed back from these provinces.

Meanwhile, President Ghani, yesterday issued a decree ordering the release of 175 Taliban militants, and the Taliban also denied the Loya Jirga Summit and insisted that the Jirga was a demonstration meeting.

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