Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khurasani

While the election of house of representative speaker has become one of the deadlocks in the country which is runes by some selfish political rift among parliamentarians, in the most recent case, some of the civil society institutions in the capital have decided to launch a new protest against the seventeenth parliamentary term. In the most recent case, the civil society organization under the name of the Generation for Change Movement, has launched a campaign against the newly appointed Afghan parliament members, that soon they will bury members of the Afghan parliament whom are hypnosis. According to reports, dozens of members of the movement have called for the end of tensions in the House of Representatives and by running a symbolic protest with brining coffin against the parliamentary door they have warned the parliament members.

Members of this movements have raised their voice by saying slogans such as people are tired of the current situation. We will buried the hypnosis parliamentarians! India, we apologize and end the tension, asking all members of the House of Representatives, in particular the delegates who broke up the seat and the presidential table, ask them to finish this process. At the meeting, however, John Doe, the US ambassador to Kabul, did not consider the continuation of these tensions to be of benefit to Afghanistan, and called for early termination of the term and the individual sentences of the members of parliament.

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