Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Shershah Nawabi

The German ambassador in Afghanistan calls on government and Atta Mohammad Noor to resolve the disputes through political dialogue. Markus Potzel German envoy to Kabul has stated in his twitter: “Germany calls on all sides in the Mazar dispute to refrain from any violence, but use political means to solve the conflict. We welcome the intention of the Minister of Interior to go to Mazar in order to restore stability and confidence.”

Currently, Afghan acting ministers of Interior and Defense are in Mazar to negotiate with Atta Mohammad Noor on the recent disputes in Balkh. Yesterday Atta Mohammad Noor Gunmen and soldiers under command of Ekram Samay, former Police chief of Balkh begin resistance against newly appointed commander to the province. According to reports, 2 police were killed and one was injured during recent clashes. Meanwhile, sources close to Atta Mohammad Noor has stated that he will not come down from his states and he will resist against the new decree of President Ghani on appointing new police chief to Balkh province.

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