Pasbanan- Kabul:

Jens Sphan health minister of Germany said in a meeting on Thursday in Minstar city of Germany that those key persons whom were working in schools before migration crisis of 2015 also had the same situation and right now education must be changed immediately. Sphan has also said that we must change our house making police for example we must support families who have children to make or buy a house, giving tax ambitions to them for making of renting houses, supporting packages for hose making and also preventing from increase of house rent and these polices must change.

Meanwhile, he added that lack of houses wouldn’t be solved in six months. He said in recent year’s house making policy was not placed in our strategies and the reason is that there was no need for it. But now we must change our policy in this term. At the same time this official of German government has said that we have some improvement in our immigration policies we have learned so many things in this case. He added that administrative process and communication system between central and federal government has re managed and totally our situation has got will in this part.


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