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Reporter: Imran Khorasani

Katie Bowman, a 29-year-old scientist in the United States, is the first photographer to be able to capture the black hole with a distance of 500 trillion kilometers from the earth.

Katie Bowman, a graduate student at MIT, succeeded in recording the first image of a black hole named Sagittarius. Several animated images of this black hole have been available since then, which ultimately released the original black hole image last night.

This black hole is 40 billion kilometers in diameter, three million times the diameter of the earth, and is likened to the monster by scientists. A black hole hunted by the astronomer’s camera is located 500 trillion kilometers from Earth, and this image is recorded by a network of eight telescopes around the world.

The image of the black hole, known as the “Monster”, was also obtained using 8 telescopes. Following this great work, “Mrs. Bowman,” two of her pictures are well known in social media. The first picture is when Bowman stands beside a desk with hard drives containing black hole image information. The second picture also relates to his response after seeing black hole images for the first time.

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