Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammaddin Agharkhil

President Ghani said at the opening ceremony of the two large industrial companies of packing peanuts and Iron that he had achieved his two major goals during his presidency. Mr. Ghani, who spoke at the ceremony, said: “Today, I am witnessing the fulfillment of my two great aspirations and ambition for Afghanistan. In fact, these two goals are two face of coins for Afghanistan politics and economics in our country. ”

Mr. Ghani continues to emphasize: “After years of efforts, Afghanistan has now grown from the country of importing industrial materials from neighboring countries and beyond. This country is now turning to the industrialized country and the exporter of industrial materials, which is one of our long-term aspirations for this land. It must be said that the transformation of Afghanistan into an exporting and industrialized country is the biggest dream of us and the people of Afghanistan for long times. ”

The country’s president has said that while Afghanistan’s exports are expected to increase to $ 1 billion this year. In addition, the President of the Afghanistan republic has repeatedly emphasized that Afghanistan has many opportunities to become economically viable, provided that the countries of the region give the country a chance.

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