Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

President Ghani spoke yesterday among some government officials on an unspecified meeting. Meanwhile, he said the increase in violence was attributed to gain more tributes by terrorists in current peace talks. Mr. Ghani did not name the Taliban but emphasized: “Increasing violence is an excuse for achieving more credits from the government, this should not be a cause of constant fear, but the containment of such events requires more concentration.”

Mr. Ghani, although does not mention a specific group, but appealing to the Taliban’s efforts, adds that by launching peace talks on the one hand the group, and continuing the struggle on the other, are trying to gain more points from the government of Afghanistan and the international community To get. This is while the Afghan government is attempting to crush terrorists by launching Khalid’s operations. Appearing by the Afghan army and police, with radical changes in the tactical levels of the security forces, have announced that they will act aggressively afterwards and expand their efforts to protect the citizens of Afghanistan.

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