Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

President Ghani hosted Mike Pompeo US Secretary of State in the presidential palace a day ago. Mr. Ghani has said during this meeting that the Afghan government and its international partners have shown their willingness and enthusiasm to resolve the 40-year-old political crisis in Afghanistan, and it is now time for the Taliban and their supporters to make such preparations. In this meeting, President Ghani has expressed his gratitude for the efforts of the United States government to support the Afghan peace process, adding: “It is better for countries and international partners to take part in a joint peaceful effort. Because efforts and messages in individual bases will not be fruitful in a coherent and united way regarding Afghan peace in the country.”

“The overwhelming majority of Afghans want a lasting peace in the country, but this peace should not be ended at the expense of the loss of values ​​and achievements that have been obtained from the victims of the Afghan people,” said the chief of the country.” Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said: “Washington supports the Afghan peace process and the Afghan presidential elections which would be held in upcoming four months of current year, and US government is ready to cooperate in this regard with the Afghan government and institutions.” Meanwhile, President Ghani has emphasized that, in order to ensure transparent, inclusive and fair elections, institutions and friendly countries, not only should increase the number of their observers, but they should coordinate with the election partners that Afghan elections should be held in a good manner.

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