Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Morteza Haidari

While Afghan security forces are daily sending Taliban and other terrorist groups to death in the battlefield of the country, citizens reaffirm their commitment to defend the victims of these forces. Ahmad Ali, a resident of Kabul, says: “We even see our brave soldiers serving Afghanistan, we know what they are fighting in front of and in the trenches and what they are experiencing. Any group or person who has a bad eye to our forces will throw off their eyes from the bowl.”

Some families of police and army victims say they sacrificed their children to Afghanistan and expect their achievements to be safe from any deal during peace talks. “The victim of our child is due to peace and stability in Afghanistan,” said Mohibullah, the father of an army martyr. We expect the government, after dealing with the Taliban, to not waste these gains. ”

One day ago, President Ghani said at the ceremony of the soldier’s day in Afghan defense ministry: “The happiest moment of my life was to be with soldiers and eat with them in one bowl, and the hardest moments of my life, was that I’ve been aware of the loss of Afghan security and defense forces. You defensive forces in this land would have this assurance that no deal and agreement will make your achievements waste. I will make sure that your earnings will never be traded. ”

This is while the Taliban’s political leadership in Qatar has called for the dismantling of Afghan security and defense forces, a case that has led to sharp reactions from Afghan citizens.

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