Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

President Ghani says that all presidential candidates need to work together jointly to ensure transparency in the presidential election. According to Mr. Ghani: “Transparency in the election is ensured when all the presidential candidates of the country work united for the future of the nation and share their vision we must work hard to prevent widespread fraud in upcoming elections in the country. We hope that these efforts will lead to the most transparent presidential election in the country. ”

The president reaffirms the importance of providing lasting and dignified peace in the country. Mr. Ghani adds: “Peace is an important need in Afghanistan, and we need to have the national peace consultations for the citizens of the country in order to determine the lines and framework for the peace process, I believe we should learn from our own future and the experiences of others.” There are intentions, for this wills and demands to ensure lasting peace in Afghanistan, and therefore efforts to achieve this goal have become wider. ”

The president of the country hopes that peace efforts can lead to bloodshed in Afghanistan. He said that in order to meet the long-term aspirations of martyrs in Afghanistan, bloodshed should be stopped and all the bad guys in Afghanistan should be used to make this land a good partner for the world and once again Afghanistan becomes a global trading center.

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