Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

President Ghani says that, once the House of Representatives has completed, the Afghan election law now needs to be adjusted. Mr. Ghani, who attended the ceremony of introducing representatives of Kabul to the House of Representatives, announced that, with the introduction of Kabul and Paktia MP’s now, the Electoral Law, which was modified on the basis of the decree, should be reviewed by the 17th round House of Representatives and adjusted if necessary. The country’s president says that at least 400 laws and regulations have been ratified and approved, but legal foundations need to be developed.

President Ghani also adds that the vacuum created by the introduction of parliament has led to more legislative work, he continues to emphasize the need to speed up legislative work for the development of Afghanistan. The president calls on the Parliamentary Department to fill the legislative vacuum created by completing the parliamentary term, and the transparency of the election should be increased in order to ensure transparency in the elections.

The country’s president also emphasizes that the government is determined to hold Ghazni elections, Provincial Council elections, district councils and presidential elections in a timely manner, and that people need to be equitably and based on their votes in parliament during the 17th parliament of the country Share.

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