Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Morteza Haidari

President Ghani says: those who are calling for the establishment of an interim government in the country is a part of their excuse to overthrow the constitution and current government. Mr. Ghani emphasizes, referring to his electoral rivals, saying that the interim government is certain to score some of the disputes. “Those who say that the interim government is intimidating, while the elections are near,” he added. “I suggest that you vote for them if they have at least two concepts instead of one hundred concepts of mind for the rebuilding of Afghanistan.”

Mr. Ghani continues to emphasize that he is thinking of changing the lives of Afghan citizens. He added that while the upcoming elections are close, the creation of an interim government has no meaning, and in some cases, profitable parties are trying to cancel the constitution of Afghanistan and increase the number of bloodshed in the country. He also emphasizes that the Afghan security forces will suppress all bullies and intimidators that hurt the national interests of Afghan citizens.

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