Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani today hosted women on the occasion of International Women’s Day. “The Taliban have called for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan,” said Mr. Ghani at the meeting, “but now it’s time for Washington to ask the Taliban when the Pakistan and Taliban relationship will be breakdown. “The Afghan people want to ensure that any interaction between the Taliban and the United States will lead to security throughout the country.”

The Afghan president continues to emphasize that, in addition to how terrorist relations with neighboring countries are, the economic issues that the Taliban are involved in, should also be discussed. “The global experience has shown that any peace without a cautious approach not only does not end the fighting, but also places the countries in a new crisis and has created new insecurities,” he added.

Mr. Ghani continues to say: he believe that women’s achievements and rights will be immune to Taliban talks, he continues to emphasize that peace is being provided in the country, but a dignified peace.

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