Ghazni-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Ata Rezayee

A number of Ghazni residents told Pasbanan news reporter that the possibility of Ghazni’s fall down for the second time in the hand of the Taliban has increased in these days. The residents are worried that if the government does not take pre-emptive plans, it will be possible that once again Taliban fighters will recapture this province.

Meanwhile, Ghazni residents say that with the start of the New Year, Taliban have launched their first heavy offensive attack on the security belts of the province last night, by killing at least 15 Afghan police forces and wounding several others. In addition, Ghazni police commander earlier has announced that Taliban would expand their military operations by the beginning of spring assault.

With repeated efforts, we did not have the view of the Interior Ministry and the Ghazni police command. This issue has raised concern among residents of Ghazni, where the Ministry of Defense has now launched Khalid’s operations to suppress the Taliban in most provinces of the country.

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