Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Gulab-u-Din Amiri

With the increase in organized and chain-bound terrors in Ghazni, some citizens and members of the provincial council are deeply concerned about the security situation in the province. “A businessman was shot by unknown gunman today, and got wounded during this incident, the gunmen escaped, such acts show an indication of an increase in the organized terror rates in Ghazni,” said Ghazni provincial council deputy chief Amanullah Kamrani in an interview with the government. “Organized assassinations in Ghazni is so high and we find it very concerning.”

Two days ago, a police soldier was shot dead in Ghazni center in the Amir Khan fort area. It is noteworthy that this incident was the fifth assassination attempt in Ghazni city which was launched by the terrorists in a month.

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