Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Gulabuddin Amiri

After more than a week of sanctions on Ghazni provincial officials, the National Union of Journalists in the province recently contacted the leadership of the Ghazni national security and suggested that reporters work in his office. And the Ghazni governorate’s press office, with the presence of the governor or his deputy, to mediate the discussion and find solutions to end the boycott.

Because the Association of Journalists is always open to negotiation, the proposal was accepted by reporters, and seven, including the head of the Union, the head of the Journalists’ Safety Committee, attended the meeting with the head of national security.

But unfortunately, the provincial official once again underestimated the reporters and sent only the provincial official’s spokesman, the Ghazni Union of Journalists, seeking change or modification of his competencies, and a delegation of reporters headed directly by the provincial authorities. They arrived, found the meeting ceremonial, and regretted the encounter once again.

Now the Ghazni Union of Journalists once again calls on Ghazni local authorities to respect their legitimate and legitimate demands to uphold the freedom of expression and the implementation of the Right to Information Act, to another day headed by the Information and Culture Department, a joint home of all writers, journalists. It is a way of freedom of expression, celebration, and commitment to the Mayan legal demands.

Otherwise, not only will our boycott not end, but we will march in the future, bury the body of freedom of expression and continue to suspend local media broadcasts.

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