Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The people of Ghor province provided more than 400 acres of land for the construction of schools for the education of this province.

The officials of the education department of the province praised the people and said that these lands could solve a lot of problems in this province.

Ahmed Saberi, the head of education in Ghor province, told media that the donated land could be a great help in improving education quality. He added that the province has 826 schools, of which 200 are buildings without buildings, and still a number of students are trained under the tents.

Ghor Provincial Education Directorate has estimated that the value of land donated by the people of the province to the construction of schools is estimated at more than 47 million Afghanis.

This is not the first time that the inhabitants of this province put their lands in the construction of schools. Earlier, a number of citizens in the province had put their land to overcome the educational problems of the province.

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