Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khurasani

The results of the “Social and Afghan National Youth Foundation” survey show that more than 60 percent of girls in Ghour are denied the right to education due to insecurity, bad problems, and traditions in the community. The authorities in the program praised elite women and leading students and students in Ghour province, are calling into question the situation of education, especially girls’ schools, in this troubled province, and accuse the education department of ignoring it.

Mohammad Hassan Hakimi, responsible for the Afghan National Youth and Social Development Agency in Ghor province, said that 95 percent of women in this province do not have access to social justice, more than 50 percent of girls give birth to married women, paid for or paid for blood. Cows and sheep are sold. Ghulam Nasser Khazay, governor of Ghor, who was present at the program, also reads the state of education especially the great schools of girls in this wretched province, and the officials of the Department of Education and Schools of the province accuse him of neglecting girls’ education.

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