Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

Wahid Omar, A senior advisor to the government’s Strategic Communications Affairs said that a delegation from the Afghan government has been went to Qatar to begin direct talks with Taliban. Mr. Wahid Omar told the media that the delegation is trying to inform the Taliban about the current situation in the country and exchange views with the group. Mr. Omar has said, “A delegation from the Afghan government has traveled to Qatar today, and the group is scheduled to conduct talks with the Taliban and make the group aware of the current situation in the country. The United States and Afghanistan have close agreements to peace in the country, and today, President Ghani has had telephone calls for at least one and a half hours with the US department of State special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad.”

Mr. Omar also said that the government is optimistic that it will achieve tangible results over the next two months from the ongoing peace talks. “We expect to have an early understanding between the Taliban and the Afghan government within the next two months,” he added. “It is possible that these agreements will be reached by early September. In addition, we expect that by first of September we will reach a relative agreement to engage in serious dialogue with the Taliban after that. Until then, the government and international partners are trying to keep up-to-date conversations and gain some success in this process. But when it comes to the serious talks with the Taliban, the government cannot set a time for the results ahead of time. ”

Meanwhile, the senior advisor to the government on strategic communications said that the presidential election should be held in time and a legitimate government must represent the people of Afghanistan before reaching to start serious talks with the Taliban, so the presidential palace is trying to hold presidential elections and it would be will hold as soon as possible and the government hopes that this process will provide the ground for this procedure.

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