Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sanaullah Nawabi

With the start of the spring assault, of the Taliban have increased and the insurgent group has launched several deadly attacks since yesterday. In the most recent case, the Arghanjo district of Badakhshan fell into the hands of Taliban, but with frequent contacts of media, with the government institution, their spokespersons have been silent on this issue, and spokesmen from security and defense organizations have refrained from commenting on these incidents.

Hussein Elham, a reporter based in Kabul has raised on the negligence of government spokesmen and has written: “We will file a complaint about the lack of accountability and the escape of government spokesmen, and specifically the spokesmen of national defense, interior affairs, and public health ministries. Unless one of the most important tasks of government spokesmen is to share timely information to the people and especially the media, it is not! Speakers from the National Defense, Interior Affairs and Public Health are just urging time to give a face to face interview even they are pending our interview proposals for at least 20 days. ”

This misbehavior of the government has now raised the anger of some of the journalists’ advocates. Sadiqullah Tawhidi, chief executive officer of the Journalists Safety Committee, said: “If the law enforcers fail to provide information, this is a clear violation of the law of the right of access to information, and spokesmen who fail to comply with the law must be granted access by the newly created committee. These people must be punished by this committee that such action would never be repeated in the future.”

Failure to respond timely to events is considered to be a fundamental challenge for journalists. In addition, journalists have been pressed by spokesmen after they have

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