Pasbanan- Kabul:

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani president of Afghanistan visit Ghazni and told that Compilation against Ghazni will check and government contribute 20 million US dollar to spent on damage in Ghazni. The Presidential Office spokesman said the president had promised to people of Ghazni that more security areas and the police would be rehabilitated. Sha Hossain Murtezawi, deputy spokesperson of presidential palace, said, during this visit, government will aid Ghazni people included 7,500 tons of wheat, special assistance for the families of the martyrs and wounded, the allocation of facilities for the first-class provinces, the reconstruction of destroyed area such as Bali-e-Sar and construction of the Ghazni hospital will be done.

Meanwhile, the president has said that those soldiers who showed self-sacrificing will be honored by government. Mr. Ghani also added that focusing on water, electricity, telecommunications, agriculture, health, education, and women will be concentrated in Ghazni province after the refinement of the districts.

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