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The former chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission criticized the functions of the National Unity Government during the inauguration ceremony of the Board of the Independent Advocates’ Association of Afghanistan and emphasizes that the government has no appropriate legitimacy. Gul Rahman Ghazi, at the meeting, said: “As long as 4 years have elapsed since the work of the National Unity Government, this system has no legal legitimacy among the people. Governments have repeatedly violated the law, and from time to time individual interests are valued at the national level. ”

The former head of the Constitutional Review Commission continues to emphasize that a number of foreign countries and institutions in Afghanistan are involved in dealing with legal cases. Mr. Ghazi adds: “In most cases, the rights of citizens have been denied, and even punish accused justice and judicial bodies for blank paper cases. When we asked on this issue from Afghanistan prostitution and justice agencies that why you are doing such things, so their response to us was that foreigners have ordered them to punish a person arbitrarily and deny their freedom. So think about this issue how disgusting it is.”

Meanwhile, Mairajudin Hamidi, head of the Kabul Appeal Court, said: “The incidence of criminal cases in Kabul has risen everywhere, and every day the capital’s courts testify to the flood of criminal cases.” The chief of Kabul Appeal Court said that they have more and more serious issues of criminal cases being brought to justice in Kabul and if the capital’s courts do not go to the handle all of these cases under one month, the process of reviewing legal cases will be out of control.

Nonetheless, Roohullah Qarizadeh, president of the Independent Advocacy Association of Afghanistan, emphasized in her introduction that she was given priority over the defense of lawyers. Mr. Qarizadeh emphasizes: “One of the achievements of this independent and nonprofit organization in the fight against corruption has been the defense advocates’ work. After this, we are also working on ways and means of dealing with organized corruption in the association. In addition, our institution plans to hold on to its defense lawyers at a given time. ”

The election process ended with the leadership of the Independent Advocacy Association of Afghanistan from the 23rd Cancer and ended on the eleventh Assad. Roohullah Qarizadeh was appointed as the head of the association for the third time. In addition, Najla Rahal was appointed as First Deputy and Obaidullah Hamid as the second deputy of the Office. At present, the Association of Independent Attorneys has 5,000 members in 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

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