Kabul – Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

The General Prosecutor’s Office has announced that General Habib Ahmadzai, the advisor to the President in Special Security affairs, came to the General Prosecutor’s Office yesterday. “Ahmadzai was present to the Prosecutor’s Office a day ago, and the prosecutor was asking for evidence that he had been accused the government while he spoke with the media,” said Jamshid Rasouli, a spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office.

Mr. Rasouli stressed that Mr. Ahmadzai had not yet provided any evidence to the Prosecutor’s Office until now. According to the spokesman of the Attorney General’s Office, “Habib Ahmadzai has not yet provided evidence to the prosecutor. But he verbally told the research team that tomorrow they will hand over the documents to our delegation. ”

Habib Ahmadzai had previously alleged that the government of Afghanistan was infected with moral and sexual corruption, a case that was overthrown by the president Ghani and he immediately ordered to investigate this claim. Now the Attorney General of the country assures that this case is Impartial and transparent will follow.

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