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Reporter: Emran Khurasani

According to European media reports, hackers have targeted thousands of email messages belongs to senior European Union members. According to reports, the messages that have been targeted by hackers belong to recent years now including various titles, from President Donald Trump to global business issues. An active company in the area that is tracking this issue has said hackers were able to hack these messages from the past three years.

Cybersecurity experts say hackers have used the same methods that cyber-attacks were previously used by the Chinese cyber army. They continue to emphasize: “Following a more than 10-years experience of coping with Chinese cybercrime … There is no doubt that the operation is linked to the Chinese government.” One of the targeted messages is about the meeting of Mr. Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, which diplomats described as “successful” at least for Putin. The other message was disclosed to a private meeting between China’s President Xi Jinn Ping and European officials in early 2018.

In a message quoted from the Chinese president saying that China would not give up to Washington’s force, even if a trade war would harm anyone.” Reports also add that several other entities, including the United Nations, are also targeted by this cyber-attack.

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