Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

After the release of a report on the strike of prisoners in Parwan, the head of the district court’s prosecutor’s office, in an interview with the Pasbanan has stated that no prisoner has been stranded in the province. “Some reports had been published on Tuesday that two prisoners had been struck, but the prosecution was sent to jail in the earliest opportunity, and after the two prisoners were satisfied, they were struck,” said Hafizullah Osole, head of the Parwan prosecutor’s office. “Then these prisoners abandoned their protest.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Osole said in connection with the publication of the report, “It is necessary to recall that their case was in the Supreme Court because it was a matter of contesting the competence to determine the competent court, in which case the prosecutor’s office of Parwan prosecution was guilty of shortcomings. And all the enforcement has been made in the light of the provisions of the law. ”

Meanwhile, Mr. Osole emphasized that the Prosecutor General’s Office of Appeal of Parwan reviewed all cases filed at the earliest and most expeditious times and sent them to subordinate institutions. Mr. Osole continues to emphasize that the published reports have not been completely based.

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