Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Afghan National Security Council advisor Hamdullah Moheb said at the UN Security Council meeting held of Afghanistan: “Peace in Afghanistan has now become a priority, while the word was not in Afghanistan’s political vocabulary 2 years ago. Peace is needed and must be secured, but the peace process should bring respect for the constitution and the legitimate government of Afghanistan,” said Mr. Moheb. In our opinion, that peace will provide security and would give a result that the Taliban group should begin their direct talks with the Afghan government, not a peace that is in the hands of the political elites.”

Mr. Moheb also emphasizes that the government is ready for face-to-face talks with the Taliban so that the current battle should be ended. “In addition to our peace talks, we have increased our attacks on terrorist groups,” he added. “Now the Afghan security forces are more powerful than the past and they are conducting independent operations to fight international terrorists. We are witnessing the invasion of the Afghan security forces against these groups so that we can protect our territorial integrity. ”

Mr. Moheb also emphasizes that, as the government of Afghanistan progresses in peace and war, we are also is determined to hold the upcoming elections. The country’s national security adviser adds that electoral commissioners have now changed to ensure transparency in this democratic process, and the government is fully prepared to monitor the presence of UN observers.

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