Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Hamdullah Moheb, the advisor to Afghan National Security Council, warns the UN Security Council that if the member states do not pay attention to fight against terrorism, this phenomenon will come to the world again. “The Afghan security and defense forces are ready to fight the insurgency they are not only fighting to defend their country’s territorial integrity but also to protect the countries of the world from terrorist attacks,” said Mr. Moheb. “Therefore, the UN Security Council is obliged to make member states aware of their responsibilities in the fight against terrorists, otherwise this phenomenon will cover all countries.”

Mr. Moheb also stated that fight against terrorism is time-consuming and difficult, and if Afghanistan reaches a peace deal with the Taliban this war will not end. “We must remember that peace with the Taliban is not the end of the fight against terrorism, Afghanistan alone cannot stand against global terrorists, so we need the cooperation of all parties,” he added. “If the member states do not pay attention to the UN Security Council resolutions and stay intact with the terrorists, this will be the meaning of failure for those efforts that UN Security Council is managing to secure the world.”

Mr. Moheb also said that Afghanistan wants from all international community to raise hands for global cooperation and have a single vision against terror and insurgency and all state members should take decisive action against this phenomenon.

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