Pasbanan- Kabul:

President Hamid Karzai is considered a hard-line critic of the United States. In the most recent case, he has questioned the presence of United States in interview with Washington Post. Mr. Karzai says the States has not been involved in Taliban’s defeat in Afghanistan, but US is scared of its traditional rivals in our neighborhood. “The States does not come to Afghanistan to celebrate, there is no need to build many bases for defeating Taliban,” he added. They are here for the sake of countries that are traditional and big rivals of Washington in our neighborhood and we are in this position. We praise their arrival in Afghanistan, but they should not deceive us. ”

Mr. Karzai emphasizes the continued presence of anomalies in the country: “Thousands of Afghans die in an uncertain future. We are so small and incapable of asking the United States to stop this all. But we are a country and our interests must be respected. ”

Mr. Karzai has previously claimed that Washington, has decided to transfer the remnants ISIS to Afghanistan after their defeat in Iraq and Syria, these claims were rejected by State Department and the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world was known as The expansion of this groups activities.

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