Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai arrived in Kandahar to join the former martyr General Abdul Raziq’s funeral. According to the newsletter of the Hamid Karzai ex-president office, the visit was accompanied by some of the former government officials. Hamid Karzai met with family members of General Raziq, tribal elders and some local residents of Kandahar.

In addition, Mr. Karzai met with the family of martyr General Abdul Raziq Achakzay and his mother, he has condemned this attack and also expressed his sympathy with the family of the former commander of Kandahar Police, he has also emphasized that the assassination case of the of this brave commander will be pursued. General Abdul Raziq Achakzay returned to the Kandahar police commander would be investigated. According to reports martyr General Abdul Raziq was assassinated on Thursday night after a security meeting with local Kandahar authorities and Commander of resolute support mission, he was targeted by a terrorist and after a while, he lost his life.

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