Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Seyyed Mujtaba Sadat

The presidential elections candidate, from Peace and Moderation team Mr. Hanif Atmar says military actions in Balkh are part of government dirty game and the president is due to eliminate physically his rivals. Mr. Atmar says: “The use of military forces against the Balkh command is far from the logic and we strongly urge the government to stop this operation. When there are ways of dialogue and understanding, then what is the need for the government to use the power of atrocities? I believe that the government’s endeavor in Balkh is an attempt to physically eliminate the rivals of the presidential election team. ”

Mr. Atmar continues to emphasize: “We are once again accelerating the use of restraint by all parties, the troops who have been driven from outside to Balkh city must get out from this province at the earliest opportunity and they should be pulled out and to avoid military tensions in Balkh. We ask the government not to let the brother to kill another brother. The national unity government must consider this decision unreasonably as soon as possible and resolve the crisis through political dialogue. ”

Hanif Atmar continues to emphasize that all his supporters should stand against the government’s decision, he believes: “We call on all the elders and politicians to take the bloodshed and brother killing in Balkh with full unity, and in defense of this province and Atta Mohammad We want international partners to work through all diplomatic channels, and to make the government realize that what you have in your hands is for defending Afghanistan, not to use against the people, the government has shameful records. Which uses the military power against its own people and we stand to the last to stop this kind of acts. ”

Atmar is one of the key allies of Mr. Ata Mohammad Noor in the electoral campaign “Peace and Moderation team” which reacts to the military conflict in Balkh. He reiterates that the use of a military force against another, part of the regime, is far less logical and unwise.

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