Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Hamid Karzai, Hanif Atmar, Atta Mohammad Noor and a large number of Afghan political figures are in Moscow, and yesterday they hold talks with the Taliban group. The two sides traveled to Moscow on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Afghanistan-Russia diplomatic relations and met with each other on the sidelines of the meeting. Now, presidential candidate Mohammad Hanif Atmar says: “At this meeting, we call on the Taliban to restore the process of reconciliation between Afghanistan and also Taliban, along with which we expect the ceasefire to begin along with Taliban peace talks as well. We hope that the Taliban would agree on this issue than I think it will be one of our serious expectations.”

Meanwhile, Taliban political assistant Mullah Bradar says the group wants to bring peace to the country, but in one condition that all major obstacles to this trend, especially the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, are finalized and the foreigners would leave Afghanistan. Mullah Bradar emphasizes the insistence of the Taliban on this point. In this meeting, the only Afghan government delegate was Karim Khalili, but he did not represent the Government he was also a part of this meeting individually.

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