Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zahra Sahel

As a result of the explosion of today’s bomber carriers in Kabul, the employees of the national football federation, as well as the head of the federation, Yusuf Kargar, have suffered a wound.

“We were planning a morning session in the room, which was suddenly heard loud,” said Mr. Yusuf Kargar in a telephone call with the Pasbanan. The room we were in was round-the-glass, which caused a number of employees to be wounded as a result of the spill of the glass.

Mr. Kargar says that after the blast took place, we thought that suicide attackers had entered the office. We removed the staff from the rear of the federation.

The explosion of a bomber vehicle around 8.55am this morning occurred in the second district of Kabul and according to a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, several explosives broke out, including the Ministry of Defense Logistics Center, the Federation of Football, the National Cricket Board, and The town of Gulbahar Thaw has also seen casualties that are not yet available.

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