Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

The news of peace and hope to break the war, but now has changed the nightmare that has annoyed any Afghan lady and set the dream of a life-long woman with a woman’s shirt. Sweat out of the women who have passed 18 years old, and eventually, they have combined their night and day to make their dream come true in a country like Afghanistan. Now, the talks and meetings of the Afghan government and the United States officials have given them fresh concerns. Each activist of the women rights in this land has a terrible impression of their vague future. One is worried about the loss of women’s political participation in the government, and other is worried about the rights of women to education and study for an optimistic future.

This concern is not just about women in Afghanistan, the women of the world who have been losing weight to empower Afghan women for over 18 years are also anxious and restless. Heather Barr, a former Afghan human rights watchdog researcher and founder of the women’s Division who has spent many years in Afghanistan, considers the peace talks in this country to be patriotic with the opposition. “It’s no wonder women are anxious when Khalilzad spoke in a room full of Afghan men and Ghani discuss peace issues with his own. They will not even engage to give active participation to women at the peace talks table, but they are undoubtedly wrong.”

Indeed, the Taliban’s presence after 18 years of fighting and bloodshed in public how it would be? Taliban, who have been victimizing Afghan citizens for many years without the separation of men and women to launch the political dream in Afghanistan, and they make every countryman and women of this land homeless every day. A question that still could not give any answer, and must inevitably be walked over time and looked at what would happen more.

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