Pasbanan- Kabul:

At least 15 security force members were killed during clashes in Farah province in west of Afghansitan. According to newsletter released by independent directorate of local governance it is said that last night Taliban insurgents attacked on several security check posts of National Army and ANCOP forces in Farah Road, Shewan, Posht Road, Lash and joyan districts. During this attack at least 8 military member were killed in Farah Road, 2 in Posht Road, 3 in Shewan district, and 2 others were killed in Lash and Joyan districts of Farah.

Newsletter of Independent directorate of local governance also adds: during these clashes 5 other security members got injured and currently security situation in these districts are normal. This organization has also added that Taliban insurgents were looking to capture some check posts and pose some security treats to Farah several districts.


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