Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

Local authorities in Ghazni province say six members of a family were killed after a roof collapsed as heavy snowfall in the district of Engel in the province.

Aminullah Amarkhail, Herat’s police chief, told media that the incident happened this morning (Sunday, June 6) in the village of Qadirabad in Engel district due to heavy snowfall.

Mr. Amarkhail announced the closure of a number of highways in the province, including the Lakhshak area on the Herat-Islamabad highway. According to him, a number of pedestrians are already stuck in the area and efforts to rescue them have begun.

However, heavy snowfall in recent days in the country has caused many material and spiritual problems to the people, including the deaths of some in Ghazni province and the blocking of the Kabul-Herat and Kabul-Mazar highways.

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