Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Hector: Soraya Ahadi

A woman was murdered by her husband and her two sons in Bagrami district of Kabul, according to her brother. From twenty years up to now, her sister was tortured by her husband and his sons. He claims that even a month ago her husband and the sons of this women used some tools to drag all her teeth. “We reported this issue to Bagrami district and we requested the police in the district, but the authorities did not pay much attention to this.” Farida’s brother claimed that her husband and her sons, after knowing the issue that she has complained from them to police soon that time her sons were encouraged by Farida’s husband to join hands and kill their mother with the horrifying and brutality.

Meanwhile, the mother of this women says: “Her husband had hammered her daughters head and his sons had hit her at least four knives in the heart; then they were knitted with all the stuff of their mother.”

The brother of the woman adds that her sister’s husband is associated with mafia groups and kills several people a day. The women family want to pursue the case and ask the government “to condemn their daughter murderers to senior sentences, executions.” The Interior Ministry has not yet provided details on the incident.

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