Pasbanan- Kabul:

In 3 days of Eid most cites of the country witnessed cease-fire between Taliban and the government, from Kabul to Kandahar and from Herat to Nangarhar, most cities enjoyed peaceful Eid, in all provinces Taliban and Afghan officials hug each other and they prayed to Allah for an enduring peace and stability in the country. Now high peace council officials announced that they had phone and video call with Taliban leadership during past few days. Mohammad Karim Khalili said in press conference: “Afghan citizens are tired of past 4 decades of war. Peace needs courage and bravery, on that base we must accept the risk. We have several meeting including phone and video calls with Taliban leadership but it is early to announce details to media.”

One day before Taliban entered Kabul, according to unconfirmed reports Yesterday around 2000 talib fighters came to capital without their equipment’s and the celebrated cease-fire in Eid days, even several Taliban fighters hanged their white flags in Kota-e-Sangi bridge. An issue that raised questions to Capital residences. Mr. Khalili said on this regard: “if Taliban leave their war policy in everywhere they hang their flag it doesn’t matter to us. Our goal is to achieve an enduring peace in the country and put an end to the long term war in Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile, High peace council secretary chief says this cease-fire in the country would be historic for Afghan nation. Mohammad Akram Khpolwak says: “Taliban came to cites and also Afghan forces went to their territory means peace and cease-fire has its own definition and guarantees. It showed that we all are one nation and we want each other. This condition means strength, excitement and commitment of both sides to peace and stability in Afghanistan.”

But in reaction of Taliban maneuver in Kabul streets that they raised their flags and walked in the streets has angered several citizens including capital residences. Several Kabul citizens marched in to streets and condemned this act. Mohammad Yassin a Kabul residence who has participated in this protest told PMD: “coming of Taliban to Kabul once again has remembered us their black history before 2001 and everyone memorized it once again, not only this but they showed that several circles in the government want this terror group. I must say that they should not be excused by Afghanistan people. The have killed hundreds of our brothers and citizens during past years and they are criminals.”

Criticizing Taliban comes on a time that Yesterday president Ghani once again announced unconfirmed and unilateral cease-fire with Taliban for unconfirmed date. But Zabiullah Mujahid Taliban spokesperson told media that after ending three days of Eid they will once again began their war against Afghan security and defense forces.


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