Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Gulabuddin Amiri

Wahidullah Kalimzai, Governor of Ghazni, today announced at a press conference that the increase in the presence of women in governmental and non-governmental departments in the governorate has said that over the past two months, nearly 1,000 permanent and government contract staff and some of the partner institutions have been hired by government departments. Mr. Kalimzai adds: Of the 1,000 women, 103 have been hired in official government bonds, including 77 as teachers, 14 in the fourth and third bundles of schools and schools, and 11 in the fifth and sixth installment of the various departments. 700 people have been recruited in a teacher salary funded by a teacher at the Teachers’ Training Academy and 200 people in contract placements and partner agencies in health and agriculture.

Finally, the Ghazni local government reported on increasing the presence of women in government affairs and emphasized that by providing them with safe areas and genuine support for them, so that women’s expertise, experiences, and affairs would improve the good offices of the departments. Make optimum use.

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