Pasbanan_ Kabul:

Taekwondo is one of the most popular sports in Afghanistan. Taekwondo players have earned the biggest honors to countries sport community in Olympic Games of 2008 in Beijing of china and 2012 of London, with achieving 2 medals by Rohullah Naikpa and they made a new history for this federation.

Since that, today Taekwondo federation of Afghanistan witnessed election campaign, under observation of Physical education Directorate, national Olympics committee and observing committee of sports, but this election was in placed in a sensitive atmosphere. For achieving the presidency chair of National Taekwondo federation 7 people including Nesar Ahmad Bahawi, and Mahmood Haidari selected their self.

Finally, Najeebullah Sekandari, was appointed as the head of Taekwondo Federation with 20 votes from 28, and he was elected for second time as chief of this federation.

Its worth to say that Afghanistan national Taekwondo team will participate in champion ship competitions of Asia and also Asian Olympic games this year. Meanwhile there are some thoughts that participation of National Taekwondo players will also help Afghanistan in 2019 competitions in grading list. Currently Afghanistan is at the 67th stage of world taekwondo.


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