Pasbanan- Kabul:

The first regional peace and reconciliation festival was held in Kabul with the participation of youths and civil society activists from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan to provide peace. In this festival, civic activists, journalists, and also artists of the three countries participated for one day and shared their views on strengthening relations between the three countries. It is said that artists of the three countries also played roles in this festival, and the handicrafts of Afghanistan and Tajikistan were presented at the festival for the participants.

According to Reports: At least 10 delegates from Tajikistan, seven from Pakistan and another 20 from Afghanistan participated in the festival. Pakistani activists believe that the number of young people in Afghanistan and Pakistan is high and they can solve the problem of their countries by participating in such festivals. Afghan civil society activists have said that such festivals can strengthen cultural relations between countries. Tajik activists also believe that peace in Afghanistan depends on the efforts of Afghan citizens because Tajikistan has been able to achieve this goal with considerable efforts.

The next summit of regional peace and convergence festivals is expected to take place in Tajikistan and Pakistan.


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