Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sanaullah Nawabi

The heavy attack of Taliban on 215 Maywand corps ended on May 21, after two nights. An event that began at 2 am on Friday and ended at 5 pm on Saturday. Helmand officials say: “The attack was planned in Pakistan, and the Pakistanis are directly behind this incident. Twenty terrorists were killed in the incident, of which eight were suicide attackers. ”

But according to official figures provided by the Ministry of Defense, at least 23 military personnel were killed and 16 others were wounded, but some sources in the Maywand Corps claim that 40 soldiers were killed and 30 others have been wounded. Some other sources say: “Among the victims of the incident most of them are civilian’s personnel of this army corps.”

But military intelligence experts said the incident was due to the neglect of the military officials of the country in Helmand. Atiqullah Amarkhail, a military expert, said: “The attack on the 215th Maywand army corps once again reminded us of a similar attack on the 209th Shaheen Army corps which were launched by Taliban insurgents, which was caused by neglect of duty. Along with that, some security officials were directly involved with the terrorists and helped guide the group to prolong the battle. ”

Earlier in the attack, two years ago, the 209 Shahin Corps in the north of the country witnessed the deadly Taliban attack, which killed at least 60 civilians and wounded more than 100 others.

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