Pasbanan- Kabul:

A day after the deadly terrorist attack on a promising educational center in western Kabul, around 10:05 am on Thursday morning, 4 suicide attackers equipped with light and heavy equipment in Qala-e-Wazir area of the 5th police department in Kabul, meanwhile this attack was carried out on the Training Center of National Directorate of Security and the gunman’s launched a group attack. The deputy spokesman for the Interior Ministry said the event was completed after several hours. Deputy Interior Minister Spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said: “The security forces and the residents of the area have not been harmed at the incident, and the attackers used a semi-work building, were completely cleaned up by Afghan forces.”

Meanwhile, event witnesses say the attackers were displaced using a car in a semi-detached building close to the National Directorate of Security Training Center and then they started firing. “I went to the shop to buy some goods for my home, suddenly there was a terrible sound, and then the exchange of light weapons began between the security forces and terrorists, the conflict was a kind of interruption for several hours. The clock went on. Although we still have not seen anything about the transmission of dead bodies or injuries to hospitals, this attack has scared everyone. Children who were on the road even cried. ”

Nevertheless, military experts consider such complex attacks in the protected areas as an act of Haqqani network, which is collaborating with regional intelligence. “On the one hand, the weakness of intelligence and on the other hand, the intelligence cooperation of the region with the terrorists has caused Kabul to be more than ever witness deadly security events,” said Atiqullah Amarkhail, a retired army general. The enemy is clear, but global complex games, especially the United States, which are considered key ally to the current government, are one of the other factors that have prolonged the battle in the country.” According to Mr. Amarkhail.

However, the citizens of Kabul criticize the government for not being able to take the offensive against terrorists. The country’s security sources believe that such complex attacks are designed by Haqqani network, which has been activated more than ever in Kabul. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the incident in Kabul.

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