Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shayan Arab

In the early hours of the day when presidential elections were opened officially, and while armed opposition had insisted on targeting polling stations in the country, citizens of Afghanistan, especially Kabul, went to the polling stations to elect the new president of Afghanistan. Some of these citizens say that voting for them is in the sense of democracy allegory. “Despite all our efforts, we did not believe that a large number of citizens would go to the polls, but today we have shown that nothing can prevent us from seeking freedom and peace,” said Mohammad Ayaz, a resident of Kabul’s fourth district.

“Our widespread presence shows that democracy in the country is slowly flowing, and the political consciousness of Afghan citizens has gone to war, not to say anything,” said Firoozah Alami, a teacher in Kabul. “We believe in the commitment and capability of the security forces and thank them that they took serious security measures as the presidential election approached, until today all the people went to the polls and participated in the fateful process. They did. ”

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