Pasbanan- Kabul:

An event that created a catastrophe a day ago and brought many teenagers to the soil and blood. The ISIS-K group killed at least 36 students and injured 56 others a day ago by a suicide attacker. This event occurred when all the students were attending the entrance preparation course at university (Kankor). One day after the bloody event, the Ministry of Public Health announced that at least 92 people died and wounded from the deadly incident.

But how can a suicide bomber blow up himself into the safest place, where dozens of students and teenagers were learning science? Perhaps not in other countries, the death of a citizen would cause protests and marches, but in Kabul, on the contrary, the government simply said that nearly 100 people died in the bloody event. The appearance of threats has not yet been resolved, it is said that 12 terrorist groups are operating in Kabul and they are looking to launch suicide and offensive attacks. Now, military intelligence experts believe that the weak rule of law and the increase in civilian and military casualties in the country are due to wrong decisions and government misconducts.

Javed Koohestani, an intelligence expert said in a conversation to Pasbanan news agency, that the government is unable to prevent such sad events. According to Mr. Koohistani, with regard to the bloody terrorist attacks throughout the country, it is concluded that there is no military and government system in Afghanistan and Afghan citizens are living under the law of the forest and it is ruled out in this country. He adds: “ISIS-K terrorist networks have repeatedly targeted centers of Hazara and Shiite citizens, the government has been unsuccessful in preventing such incidents, and now dozens of terrorists are targeting educational and government institutions. In fact, the fascist views of the presidential palace and the occupation of non-professional people have caused such events to happen. The regime governs the banner of foreigners and partners in the disaster of Afghanistan.” the families of the victims of the bloody attack yesterday say that the cause of all this misery and violence in the country is the leaders of the government, because they have neither a security plan nor a defense of the lives and the people.

The families of yesterday’s bloody attack victims say that cause of all this misery and violence in the country as leaders of the government because they have neither a security plan nor a defense strategy for saving the lives of people. The victim families of yesterday’s attack have warned the government that their patience is over, and if the national unity government does not work, then the Tabasom protest may form by them once again and even the current system will collapse; they warn that if the security program of the Kabul won’t be set up properly, Citizens will turn to civil disobedience.

Regarding the accusations against the government, government officials did not respond to all these critiques, with our great efforts, we could not have the Interior Ministry’s view. After the Ghazni incident, when civilians suffered heavy casualties, the Kabul disaster once again showed that the government is failing to provide security, especially the security officials of Kabul are unable to secure the live citizens, and that has caused the citizens more distant from this system than ever before.

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